We solve your business problem with creativity.

The Wirz Group is an owner-managed powerhouse for brands, communication and digital transformation. In three central business units "Consulting", "Creativity" and "Conversion", 160 experts work on solving business problems with the power of creativity. Data, digital, strategy and creation professionals work in an integrated manner under one roof and in close cooperation with partners such as Webrepublic or the leading global agency network BBDO.

Our approach - we call it "Agnostic Creativity", meaning the openness to find new solutions - makes Wirz perhaps the most modern marketing agency in Switzerland. Since 1936.


Our team of experts in business and brand consulting, branding, research, data and analysis will examine your brand, your products, your clients, your data and your systems in depth. This shows us where the real challenges lie. Based on our insights, we develop solutions that will make your brand glow and your business grow.


We harness the power of creativity to fuel your success. With good ideas, true stories, authentic emotions and relevant content, the creatives from our Campaigning, Branding, and Product & Service Ideation departments get your target audience genuinely excited about your brand.


We solve your business problems with the help of digital strategies, web design, data, performance and dialog marketing. To achieve the maximum effect in line with your budget, the focus is always on maximum efficiency.

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